Medical transportation - 0-800-400-911

7 logistic steps to ensure safe transportation of the patient:

  1. 1. Study of medical documentation and risk assessment
  2. 2. Ensuring hospitalization in the desired clinic
  3. 3. Evaluation of the medical state of patient and the risks of transportation
  4. 4. Completion of individual plan of treatment and diagnostic measures after the transportation
  5. 5. Medical support and transportation of the patient
  6. 6. Gps-dispatching and tracking and telematics on the route
  7. 7. Finalizing of the patient transport stage
Medical transportation - 0-800-400-911


Transportation and medical support within Ukraine and abroad.

Kinds of transportation:

  • from home to a health facility
  • from medical institution to medical institution
  • from home health care institution

Visit to the patient
on request

Visit of a specialist in a specialized brigade on request:

  • doctor of emergency medicine
  • a neonatologist-pediatrician
  • a pediatric cardiologist
  • a pediatric neuropathologist

Medical support
of public events

Field of application:

  • medical support in land, air and water transport
  • sporting events
  • mass events

Our specialists of the medical transportation division have significant experience in the international transportation of patients to Europe and North America.

tel.: +380508810-911

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Medical transportation - 0-800-400-911